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The symposium is entirely devoted to biodegradable metals, i.e. all works, studies, research, specific to developing metals showing properties for a temporary time., in any applications related to human health, from medical devices to implants, biomaterials, and health-related products. Bone and blood-contact applications, or applications in other anatomical sites, with any kind of physiological function requirements, are welcome. The following constitute some examples of targeted topics, but the symposium is not limited to:

  • Metals, from design to testing, including new methods for designing new alloys, tools and strategies for predicting performances, numerical modeling, surface treatments of any kind, fabrication processes of any kind, process-property relationships;
  • Corrosion, electrochemical methods and processes for testing, assessing, coatings degradable metals with inhibiting, accelerating or pro-active coatings, new electrochemical processes, new tools for electrochemical analysis
  • In-vitro studies, for assessing/investing/studying degradation at short/medium and long term, degradation tests in any kind of pseudo-physiological solutions, degradation tests in 2D, 3D and 4D in-vitro cellular models;
  • In-vivo studies, results from implantation in any animal model of biomaterials, implants, and devices with limited expectations in term of stability, functionality, and lifetime expectancy. Toxicity, osteosynthesis, hemocompatibility, or any other physiological properties are welcome;
  • Others studies, works, preliminary or final results, including regulatory affairs, approval, commercialization aspects, spin-off, translational clinical features and aspects, financial and economy-related factors linked to biodegradable, are welcome.

For the abstract submission, please use the provided template and strictly follow the instructions to prepare your abstracts. After submission, all abstracts will be reviewed by three independent reviewers. Corrections must be done promptly and absolutely before June 18, 2024 so to have the abstracts online and downloadable prior to the symposium. 

Before you begin the submission process, please prepare the following information:

  1. Presenting author's contact information:
    • Full given name and family name
    • Main affiliation details: institution, address, city, province/state, country, post/zip code
    • E-mail address
    • Phone number where you can easily be reached  
  2. Co-authors' information:
    • Full given name and family name
    • Main affiliation
    • E-mail address 
  3. A PDF copy of your abstract which you will be required to upload during the submission process.

Submit your abstract

You will receive an automated email with your submission summary, your abstract number, a unique access code, and the link that will enable you to access your file and author entry forms at any time before the deadline.

The Secretariat will process your request and send you an official confirmation email when your submission is validated. If you have not received a confirmation in the following 5 days, please contact us.