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How to reach Cetraro


The 15th Biometal 2023 venue is the:   
Gran Hotel San Michele - Contrada Bosco,30   
Cetraro, 87022 (Cosenza), Italy   
Hotel Phone (for communicating travel delays, for example) +39 0982 91012


Travel Information – Getting Here

From Italy, by car

The Gran Hotel San Michele is on the road between Paola and Diamante, a very charming road that follows the Mediterranean coast. The gate of the entrance of the hotel is shortly after Cetraro on the road for Diamante, in a zone called “Bosco”. You will see an entrance with few trees, and the magnificent hotel right at the top of the road. Pay attention to the speed radar, very efficient and always on, speed is limited to 50 km/h. Paola is the biggest city on the coast and is the biggest train terminal in Calabria. It is easily reachable from Cosenza through a high-speed highway, through the charming mountain of Calabria region. Diamante is a charming village, rich in murals, charming and very touristic. ice creams, restaurants, beaches, nice wines and all the alcoholic beverages of Calabria can be found here. If you plan to visit the region, a rental car, even from Rome or Naples, can be a good option. A good highway will bring you to Cosenza, and then in 45 to 60 minutes, you will be in Cetraro.

From International, by flight

The easiest way to fly from international is to fly on:

  • Rome Fiumicino International Airport (code FCO)
  • Naples Capodichino International Airport (code NAP)
  • Lamezia Terme International Airport (code SUF)

All three airports offer car rentals from all major companies.

From Rome Fiumicino International and from Naples Capodichino International Airport we recommend you rent a car (if you are in a group or wish to visit the region, parking is available at the Hotel) OR pursue by train to Paola Train Station. Paola train station is the closest train station, at only 24 km from the Gran Hotel San Michele. After landing in Rome or Naples, you can reach Termini Train or Central Train stations in Roma or Naples, easily with a train or a bus in 30-35 (Rome) or 10-15 minutes (Naples). You can reach Paola train station from these stations with a high-speed train (see below, reservation is required, and a ticket must be booked and bought in advance). From Paola train station, a shuttle will bring you to the Gran Hotel San Michele, in Cetraro (30 min approx). Be sure to provide us with the time/number/and name of the train that is supposed to bring you to Paola. We will organize the shuttle waiting for you, for a nominal price of 20€ round trip. 

If you land at Lamezia Terme International Airport, a shuttle will bring you to the Gran Hotel San Michele, in Cetraro (90 min approx). Lamezia Terme Intl Airport is 90 km from the Gran Hotel San Michele. Be sure to provide us with the company/flight number/and the time that you expect to land in Lamezia Terme. We will organize the shuttle waiting for you, for a nominal price of 40€ round trip. 

You will be asked to pay the cost of the shuttle onsite, in cash (no credit card machine available, thanks for your collaboration), at the conference registration desk, at the time your identification badge will be remitted to you. A receipt will be provided.

Our secretariat will contact you in advance asking you to fill a table providing us with your travel details, to guarantee your shuttle.

Trains from Rome and Naples to Paola Trenit

(as of May 21, 2023, check the time a few days before travelling)   
Reservation is mandatory on high-speed trains.   
You can easily book the train via the app Trenit!

***High-Speed*** - Roma Termini to Paola Train Stations, Mon 21 Aug 2023
Departure timeArrivalDurationTrain name/numberCost in € (approx)
7h30 am10h57 am 3h27’Freccia Argento 833342
8h58 am12h24 pm3h28’Freccia Argento 886350
13h0017h004h00’Freccia Rossa 958358
14h2518h233h58’Freccia R1000 962328
15h0019h144h14’Freccia Rossa 958757
16h3519h533h18’Freccia R1000 841942
17h5321:133h20’Freccia Rossa 963928
***Regional*** - Naples Central to Paola Train Station, Mon 21 Aug 2023
Departure timeArrivalDurationTrain name/numberCost in € (approx)
8h50 am12h14 pm 3h24’Regional 558118
12h5016h413h51’Regional 558318
14h2517h002h35’Freccia Rossa 958328
15h2218h233h01’Freccia R1000 962321
16h2519h142h49’Freccia Rossa 958721
19h1422h573h43’Regional 558518

Trains from Paola to Rome Termini and Naples Central Stations

Please note that several trains are available from Paola to Napes and to Rome on Sunday 27 Aug, 2023. The following are a few examples of leaving Paola Train Station early morning:

  • departure at 7h18 to Naples Afragola station (arrival at 9h39) and to Rome (10h40)
  • departure at 8h04 to Naples Afragola station (10h23) and to Rome (11h25)
  • departure at 8h35 to Naples (11h27) and to Rome (13h00)
  • and several others

We recommend booking your international flight back only on Monday 28 Aug 2023 to benefit from one afternoon and night in Rome.

IMPORTANT to remember

  • Flight to Naples, Rome, or Lamezia Terme international airports, wherever it is more convenient for you.
  • From Naples and from Rome you will need to take a train to Paola train station, where in 30min a shuttle will bring you to the 15th Biometal 2023;
  • From Lamezia Terme, a shuttle will bring you in 90min to the 15th Biometal 2023;
  • Our secretariat will follow up with you for filling out an online form to let us know your travel plan, please fill it out promptly.
  • The shuttle cost (either from Paola train station or Lamezia Terme Intl Airport) will be asked of you at the conference registration desk when your conference badge will be remitted to you. Please bring it in cash, no atm close or credit card payment, a receipt will be waiting for you.
  • Consider renting a car if you want to visit the region, and/or travelling to the 15th Biometal 2023 with your Lab members, partner, or friends.

Some facts about Cetraro and the Calabria region

  • This is one of the less explored regions in Italy by foreign tourists, while is widely frequented by Italians and Italians leaving outside Italy; 
  • It is a coastal region, with mountains up to 2200 mt, pure and deep water, and beautiful beaches;
  • This region is bathed by the Tyrrhenian and Ionic Seas;
  • This is the home region of Pythagoras, the inventor of the famous Theorem for right triangles;
  • The weather in August is expected to be hot, 30 to 35 and even more degrees C, but windy;
  • The region is safe, but be cautious, you are in Italy…